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Purpose and philosophy
The Specialty ESA Deepext Diver course intends to give the necessary formation to the recreational scuba diver for "to widen", in safety and with the correct awareness the own operational limits, understood as depth and times of permanence, in presence of similar or best environmental conditions of those met during the formative phase. 
The word "Deepext", formed by the collage of the words "deep" and "extended" it is to mean the fact that the scuba diver has received the theoretical formation and practice for "extend" the own operational limits. 
The program is typically mainly incentrated on the awareness development towards the tied up dangers to the practice of the deep dives that it foresee standstills of decompression obbligatorie, with the objective to improve the abilities of planning and dives management and to increase the attitude to prevent and correct emergencies management. 
Through the study and the practical experience, under the guide of an ESA qualified Instructor (ESA Deepext Instructor), the participant receives the theoretical information and learns the techniques to dive within this new deeper limits, in safety and with the maximum environment respect. 
The course foresees the study of the ESA Deepext Diver Speciality manual, Dive table (or instructions for it use), dive computers or decompressed software uses during the course, to elaborate the informationreceived by the instructor and the correct carrying out of 4 dives in Open Waters. 
The course prepares to plan, manage and carry out of dives performed within the 45 meters deep. To dive in conditions and different limits is necessary to receive the suitable formation frequenting specific courses.

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