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Dry Diver Speciality
Purpose and philosophy
The course of Specialty ESA Dry Diver has been conceived for introducing and to train the scuba divers to the use of the watertight dive suit. Through the study and the practical experience under Instructor ESA's guide, the participant learns the theoretical information and learns the techniques that will allow him to dive with the dry suit, in safety, with the correct awareness and with the maximum convenience. The finalities of the course propose him to prepare the people to dive, wearing a dry suit, within the limits of the achieved brevet, in places that mirror the conditions met during the formative phase, together to a certified scuba diver, at least of same level, and within the limits of not decompression. Another important aspect consists in the take off the common places that create confusion regarding the use of the dry suit, underlining the facility of use (with the suitable training) and the positive aspects as the sure advantage to be able  practically dip the whole year and in the place with rather cold waters as lakes and rivers.
The philosophy of the course intends to improve the awareness of the scuba divers towards the dry suit, to the insignia of a practiced underwater activity to "all field" or in every period of the year. Other purposes of the course consist of offering the correct information to the participant regarding the use of the dry suit, false preconceived take off the myth from it, put in evidence the positive aspects and to produce the correct attention towards the tied up aspects to the safety.  
Just for the role and the implications that the use of the dry suit can have in the practice of the recreational underwater activity, the course of Specialty ESA Dry Diver is an important formative wedge, kind for those people who intend to pursue the professional career and to get the qualifications ESA Diveleader and ESA Instructor. The use of the dry suit can be particularly useful in the carrying out of different activities of specialization that for their characteristics extend to increase the times of permanence in water, as for instance the course ESA Nitrox Diver.