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Orienteering Diver Speciality
Purpose and philosophy
The specialty course ESA Orienteering Diver has been conceived for improving the techniques and the knowledge of the scuba divers at least with ESA Open Water Diver certificate or comparable. Through the study and the practical experience under guidance of Instructor ESA, the participant becomes a scuba diver with a greater preparation for orientation and sailing in diving within the limits of the recreational underwater activity. The course foresees the study of the manual of Specialty ESA Orienteering Diver, the elaboration of the information from the instructor and the dives in Open Water. The finalities of the course are proposed to prepare the people to dive within the limits of the achieved brevet, in places that mirror the conditions met during the training phase, together with a patented scuba diver, at least of peer level, and within the limits of non decompression. Instructor ESA can model the program, with the respect to the pre-arranged norms, according to the expectations of the scuba diver, manufacturing the course so that to satisfy his necessities. The course is well delineated, so that to guarantee that every participant receives a brevet that attests the phases share training precise and equal for everybody. The philosophy of the course is turned to the improvement of the attitudes of orientation of the scuba divers through the teaching and the practical test of specific techniques. Another purpose of the course consists in reflecting how much important to know how to return to the point of entry/exit is and how it  is important not to effect long runs during a dive, especially in a few known places and every time that logistics imposes to return to the point of departure.