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Purpose and philosophy
ESA Open Water course has been conceived to introduce all the concerned people and in good psychophysical state to recreational dive activities, in the greatest respect of safety.
The course is divided into two main parts with which to obtain the ESA New Diver and Open Water Diver Certifications.
The purpose of the ESA Open Water Diver course is to enable people to dive, according to the Certification obtained, in places with the same conditions as during the instructive phase, with a certified diver and keeping within the non-decompression limits.
ESA Junior Open Water Diver and Junior New Diver programmes indeed provide that, after having obtained the respective Certification, the diver go along with an ESA Professional diver.
The approach must be as friendly as possible and highlight all the aspects linked to the diver safety as well as the environment knowledge and respect, without neglecting the participant's amusement.
During the programme the student will be able to learn the essential elements to dive safely and to learn and practise the dive techniques in order to make easier and as safety as possible the exploring of the underwater world keeping within the fixed limits.
Considering the slightest goals that the participant must reach, the programme has been conceived in order to support as much as possible the needs of the single person about time, learning method and possible repetition of the different instructive phases.

ESA Jr. New Diver - Max depht 12 mt   Minimum age 10 y.o.

ESA New Diver - Max depht 12 mt - Minimum age 15 y.o. - 2 lessons, 2 delimited water and 2 open water session.

ESA Jr. Open Water Diver - Max depht 12 mt   Minimum age 10 y.o.

ESA Open Water Diver - Max depht 18 mt - Minimun age 15 y.o. - 5 lessons, 5 delimited water and 4 open water session.
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