9 simple rules to respect and protect our future

1) Control your buoyancy at all times. If you are neutrally buoyant you will avoid damages to the sea floor and its inhabitants. If you donít wear gloves you will less inclined to touch and feel about the sea floor, causing possible damages.

2) When you approach the bottom donít flap your hands and fins around. If you have to rest on the bottom, make sure you knees and fins donít cause any damage

3) Avoid tunnels and caverns, by touching their ceiling you could damage the life living on them, besides you bubbles could not escape and turn the top of a cave into a submerged desert.

4) Donít hold on to sea turtles, large fish and sea mammals, just swim with them but donít chase the animals, they might not enjoy it as much as you.

5) Try not to touch animals you donít know. You might get hurt or remove their protective mucus making them more vulnerable.

6) Do not remove anything from the bottom, shells (neither dead nor alive), algae covered objects or archaeological finds.

7) Do not buy souvenirs made with shells or other materials coming from the sea. Like this you will discourage their collection or fishing.

8) Do not litter the sea. Use the rubbish bins.

9) Carry on your training and extend your knowledge of the marine environment, you will discover that every location deserves a dive and that every environment has amazing discoveries to unveil.

If you follow these simple rules you will give a great contribution to the preservation of the marine environment
Respect the Environment
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