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ESA is a Water Sport Didactic Agency, estabilished in 2000 in Italy it faster grow all around the world, and it has as principal objective to form the people from the basic levelof snorkeling and from the initial scuba level up to the attainment of the Professional levels as Aqualeader, Diveleader and Instructor. To do this the ESA established to jointly apply the most evolved operational standards to an elevated safety degree and to promote the snorkeling and underwater activity in it's various forms. 
The formative runs of the ESA foresee the information integration divulged by the Instructor with the supporting materials that accompany the various certification levels.  
Initial practical formation happens with the development of the underwater abilities in swimming pool or delimited basin, subsequently apply and improve in open water. 
For every course program ESA will anticipated a learning verification held by Instructor that will have to preserve a test of the happened evaluation. 
The scuba divers can receive from ESA the initial formation, to progress toward higher levels of certification, to specialize themselves in different areas tied to the snorkeling and underwater activity as the sea biology, photo, underwater archaeology, etc. 
Reached her credential, the snorkeler and the scuba divers can participate in the Professional formation program within the water activity. 
The ESA establishes elevated standards for the formation of its own affiliate: they are water sport  professionals holding an ESA degree certificate. 
The ESAs Instructors are formed from the ESAs IC Director, prepared and qualified people adequately to transmit the techniques of teaching to the future Instructors. 
The Instructor formation is complete and foresees the acquisition of information on the dives theory, on the ESA's procedures, notions of psychology and marketing, management abilities development of a single scuba divers or a group, problems management solution, environment safeguard and other. 
The ESAs certification validations are issued by the ESA Main office and by the ESA offices area authorized. 
The ESA Training & Marketing departments update frequently the ESAs affiliate about any variations of the existing procedures and of new procedure introduction. 
Diving Centers, Aqua centers, Underwater Club and dive shops are able to acquire the qualification of ESA Point. The qualified structures can promote, organize and conduct the ESA courses and can receive full benefit trought the marketing advetisement done by ESA to it's affiliate.  
The ESA intends also characterize it self  through a particular facing appointment about the environment knowledge, to improve the quality of the divesite and to create in the divers a greater awareness toward the submerged space. The professionals ESAs, in fact, affect their formative run also receiving a solid preparation on the knowledge related to the environment. The whole formative activity of the ESA is firmly connected to the safeguard objective of the aquatic environments.

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ESA Egypt - El Hadaba area, El Kamar 34 - 54581 Hurghada - Red Sea - EGYPT
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On Focus
New ESA Scuba Point
Dive Team Diving Center
    We are pleased to add the Dive Team Diving Center, the Dive team take place in Calimera Resort, North of Hurghada, just before El Gouna.
A big WELCOME to Essan Aldin Samir, General Manager and Partner of the Diving Center.
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